The Guesthouse’s heart and soul

with love for home cooking

Loving mother and skilled cook, paying attention to every detail, Emilia turned Aryana Guesthouse into a place with tasty home-cooked meals and exciting stories. The very moment you step in, she welcomes you with open arms and a broad smile, making you feel like you are visiting your family.

She offers you fresh hot food and makes sure that you’re happy.

Coming back every day is one of life’s simple pleasures.

We share moments

Love for Food

you cannot resist it
  1. You receive your food. Do not worry, the food is freshly cooked with love, with garden picked ingredients.
  2. You take pictures. Because you can’t help but capture these moments which remind you of home
  3. You post the picture on Facebook. You spread the news so that other people find out about this great place that you’ve discovered.
  4. You enjoy the taste. And come back every day for new memories to share with friends and loved ones.


Delicious food

Homemade goodies

What we have prepared for you

Opinions of our friends

who have already visited us

We choose with great care

only healthy ingredients